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University FOCUS: University of Utah American Sports Scholarships

  • 23,907 undergraduate students 
  • 81% acceptance rate
  • $7,130 tuition & fees (in-state)
    • $24,955 out-of-state tuition
  • Avg. SAT scores of 1st year students accepted
    • 580 Math, 568 Reading
  • 99 undergraduate degrees available
  • 21 NCAA Division I sports offered
    • Mascot: Utes 

Mental Mistakes Athletes Are Making Right Now

Mental Mistakes Athletes Are Making Right Now

Athletes often only focus on the physical side of the game and get frustrated when they don’t see results after hours and hours of training.

It’s important to remember that we are all human and need to notice our mental state as well, as it can be a BIG part of your game that you’re lacking. Mental mistakes the common young athlete might be making:

  • Underestimate the importance of rest & recovery
  • Thinking that playing video games, watching YouTube videos, or scrolling through social media is adequate resting time
  • Not getting to bed early enough in the days leading up to a big competition
  • Not taking enough responsibility for poor performances
  • Becoming too arrogant after a win, and thinking they are better than they actually are
  • Being too negative after a loss, and thinking they or teammates are worse than they actually are
  • Giving an opponent too much credit
  • Wasting too much energy on “nerves” – instead listen to relaxing music & breathe deeply/slowly
  • Thinking WINNING is everything
  • Focusing on strengths & ignoring weaknesses – “Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect”
  • Staying within comfort zones instead of overcoming them & breaking out
  • Not setting realistic, attainable goals – “If you don’t know where you’re going, you could wind up someplace else”

We always love hearing from the sporting community, so please let us know what you think, or if we could add a few!

If you’re interested in pursuing a sports scholarship in the USA then reach out to us and ask us anything you want to know! Enquire today.

Bournemouth Football for Girls

Bournemouth Football for Girls

It’s so inspiring to see one generation of athletes trying to positively influence the path for the next generation of athletes. We should all strive to leave this world a better place than it was when we entered it with using our strengths as best as we can. At AFC Bournemouth, they have created a plan that is gaining more momentum than they first anticipated. When they saw how much impact they could have with so many young girls, they jumped at the opportunity to be the conduit for the ambition these young athletes possessed. Why shouldn’t little girls want to follow  their male-counter parts? They should be given every opportunity the boys are given. They support the local clubs just as much as their classmates, especially if their Dad’s had any influence in the matter. Heck, maybe their mom’s are sports fans, or athletes themselves. It’s healthy for kids to get out and explore the world, as well as their abilities and their passions.

We love what AFC Bournemouth are doing for girls in the sport.

They are opening their “doors” to allow these young lives to dream more than others think is practical.

For too long, in Britain, girls have been laughed or scoffed at for wanting to step on the same pitch as boys, or for even thinking that they can play the game of football. AFC Bournemouth are showing the community that they care about all of its members and are focused on the bigger picture of creating a sense of positivity throughout the local football community. Check out their BBC story.

If you are interested in contacting AFC Bournemouth or attending one of their Weekly Sessions, then visit their website here. They hold 6 sessions per week for girls aged 7-16 years old, and are open to players of all abilities.


5 Worst Things A Coach Can See In You

5 Worst Things A Coach Can See In You

American university coaches want athletes who have the right attitude, are coachable, and work their buns off.

Bad habits are hard to break when you are completely unaware of them. Coaches want to help you improve your game and your overall sports attitude, however university and college coaches have no time to waste on these 5 bad habits. This is a time for self-reflection boys and girls, be honest with yourself and if you possess any of these habits, break them! Coaches at the next level will not tolerate any of these:

  1. Selfishness

    Some of you are questioning this trait, you’re right; it’s not ALWAYS a bad thing in small doses, in certain instances. However, here we are talking about the type of selfishness that keeps you disconnected from your teammates. At university in America, every sport is a team sport. Golf, Rowing, Tennis, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field all train together as one unit, they compete against one another during practices, their points accumulate for tournament play, and you support one another at all times.

  2. Laziness

    Just be a hard worker, okay? Give it your best shot when you suit up for training or a game. If you don’t want to be there, leave. Your coach does not have time to waste on you because he has 5 other players lined up who will step in and take your place in a flash.

  3. Punctuality (lack of)

    Are you habitually late to training and/or the competitions? Get your time management under control and organize your time. If you are an athlete and go to school, work, have a family, friends, etc, you need to manage all of those parts of your life.  Again, coaches do not have time to wait around for you.

  4. Disrespect

    When you are being watched by scouts, they are paying attention to your body language, they see how you interact with your teammates and even with your parents. Are you being a difficult player for the official to handle? While your coach is speaking to the team or to you, are you paying attention or looking away? None of these things go unnoticed, promise!

  5. Temper

    When things aren’t going well for you or for your team, it is difficult to keep a cool head especially when the competition matters a lot! Nevertheless, you must stay composed. Scouts and coaches will completely write you off their list if you are showing dissent, throwing pieces of equipment around on the sidelines, arguing a lot, yelling, etc. #KeepCalmAndCarryOn

All of the above habits have everything to do with your attitude and your mindset in regards to your sport. Are you serious about getting scouted to go to university in America, or to go pro somewhere, or to compete in the Olympics? If so, then you should not possess any of the above traits. If you have the right attitude and can honestly say you are nothing like what was mentioned above, then you can also honestly look at yourself or your game and find your weakness and things you can improve on at training, games, and away from them. Let’s be the best version of ourselves and have sport take you somewhere you didn’t think would be possible. Explore sports scholarships in America and find out more about this option. @R1Consultancy


How To Video Your Golf Swing

How To Video Your Golf Swing

American university golf coaches always need to see video footage of your swing.

Even if you are just wanting to improve your game a bit, then taking a video of your full swing will greatly benefit you. It would be best if you could get a friend to record you, but if you want to do this yourself then prop your camera to your golf bag. There are 2 main positions you can be in for the best angles face-on (directly across from the golfer) and/or down the “line” (make sure to aim the camera down-range).

Face-on is more of a secondary angle you should chose. It is great with being able to see your setup angles, your body position, your grip, and your weight shift. If you only have enough storage space for one shot, one angle, then pick the down the “line” one. The camera should be setup behind the player, while looking out down-range. It is important to not setup the camera on the ground, keep it at mid-chest height and be positioned halfway between the ball and the golfer’s feet. You may need to have the camera setup a few feet back as the whole golf club needs to be in the shot while in full backswing.

Because U.S. university coaches are recruiting you, potentially, for scholarship awards they need to be able to assess your problem areas and your strengths. These angles allow the coaches to see your full swing, and also see what your aiming at and how successful you are. It may take you a few snaps to get the perfect golf swing video, which is why it’s best to have a friend do the recording. Don’t get discouraged, have a look at your golf game and work on being a better version or yourself. Go out there, give it a go, and most importantly have fun with it! Learn more about Golf Scholarships in America

Golf Scholarships

9 Ways the SAT is Changing in 2016 (March)

9 Ways the SAT is Changing in 2016 (March)

Let’s explore the 9 most important ways the SAT exam is changing after March.

  1. Top score will be 1600, again. In 2005, the SAT’s top score was changed to 2400 but they are now realizing 1600 was a better plan all along.
  2. No More Penalty for Wrong Answers (woohoo!) Previous SAT versions penalized students 1/4 of a point for every wrong answer in the multiple-choice sections. Although this will help students save time during the test, they will still want to make an educated guess. They will have a 25% chance of getting the right answer, but no penalty for guessing wrong. This is BIG!
  3. Fewer Options. Yes, you read the above percentage correctly; 25% chance of getting the answer right, which means there will be 4 possible answers now for multiple- choice questions instead of 5. This will result in the student getting through the test more quickly.
  4. Functional Vocabulary. No longer will you be asked to rhyme off definitions of obscure words we never are going to use again. You will be asked to define real-life words in a contextual way.
  5. More Graphs and Charts. The SAT will ask you how to read and collect data using the above mentioned formats. Again, this is more practical and will be used in real-life situations.
  6. Texts are More Commonly Used. The different texts the SAT will draw from are more common to students (U.S. mainly). For example, students will face reading passages from documents such as the Gettysburg Address, Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Speech, the Declaration of Independence, and more similar documents.
  7. Citing Textual Evidence. Students will support answers with actual evidence, including questions that require them to cite a specific part of a passage to support their answer choice.
  8. Optional Essay…finally! For most of our student-athletes, the NCAA, NAIA, and universities focus more on the Critical Reading and Mathematics sections only’ not the Writing. But, if you want to take it, then it’s there for you and it will be graded separate from your writing.
  9. More Time in Each Section. Remember those aforementioned time-savers? Well, each section will give students more time to answer the questions (a major complaint), and there will be 16 fewer questions overall from the test.

And, one way the SAT is not changing…

                                                               The test is still really, really hard!

What is the SAT exactly? Do I have to take this exam? Where can I get help?

Boston College – “Ever to Excel”

Boston College - "Ever to Excel"
  • Ranked 37th in the country by for America’s Top Colleges
  • Ranked 21st overall for research universities
  • 33rd for private universities, and
  • 23rd in the Northeast region.


Founded in 1863, Boston College is rich in American history. For many foreigners, 152 years may seem rather young compared to the history of their own countries, but America overall is a young country compared to many of yours (founded in 1776). Boston College’s main campus is located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts and sits on 130 acres of land; that’s bigger than Vatican City. Boston College is clearly close to the city of Boston itself; less than 7 miles away. For anyone who doesn’t know much about Boston, it is one of America’s greatest cities. Find what you’ll love in Boston.

Boston College has been established as a Jesuit, Catholic university. It is not a requirement that you must be of the religion to attend the university, but they incorporate their values in how they teach. Boston College state:

“Boston College is committed to maintaining and strengthening the Jesuit, Catholic mission of the University, and especially its commitment to integrating intellectual, personal, ethical, and religious formation; and to uniting high academic achievement with service to others.”

Boston College

NCAA Division I university that has just over 700 student-athletes competing across 28 different sports. Many schools in the UK have less than 700 pupils in total! The graduation rate of student-athletes at Boston College is among the top ten in the country.

To give you a feel for what the student-athlete experience entails we have found on that there are five fundamental aspects of the student-athlete development program at Boston College; academics, athletic development, career development, personal development, and service (community). They want to make sure that they help their student-athletes develop as better people, community members, and citizens. This is something that is not unique to Boston College, but is represented across the majority of athletic departments at universities in the U.S.A. Giving back to the local community is a fundamental experience that all student-athletes will have.

Boston College athletics compete in the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) where they face up against universities such as Wake Forest, Syracuse, Duke, University of North Carolina, Pittsburgh, University of Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami, Florida State, Louisville, Notre Dame, and more! During their athletic history Boston College has won 5 NCAA National Championships, 31 conference titles, and 25 conference tournament championships.

Their facilities are just as impressive as the rest of their university. Boston College wants to show off what they provide to their student-athletes, check out their facilities here.

Boston College Athletics Builds Champions as Scholars, Athletes and Leaders for Others. (Boston College Athletics Mission Statement)

1 Twitter Post Can Be Costly

1 Twitter Post Can Be Costly

Three years ago, Scott Fitch couldn’t believe what he was hearing. A college coach recruiting two of his Fairport High School boys basketball players called to say how much he liked what he saw after watching them play an AAU game, and that he thought both were good enough to see court time on his team as freshmen.

“But we’re going to stop recruiting one of them,” the college coach said.

Stunned, Fitch asked why.

“We found his Twitter account, looked through it and some of what we saw isn’t representative of what our university is about,” the recruiter explained. more

MLS attracts British footballers

England is not the be-all and end-all for footballers. The MLS in America is proving to be an attractive option for many international players. Some are looking for new cultural experiences, while others want to make a new home for themselves and their families. No matter the initial reasoning behind their move, they can all agree that America and playing in the MLS is a different-kind-of-fun.

As many critics claim that the MLS isn’t quality football, LA Galaxy’s Steven Gerrard disagrees and has been impressed with the playing standard. That speaks volumes to the reputation it’s trying to build. Players, like Frank Lampard, are even star-struck with some of his teammates; David Villa and Andrea Pirlo, as are we! The MLS has improved and is only getting bigger in terms of size, popularity, and respect.

Did you know that the MLS is the 6th most attended football league in the world?   more

SOCCER Pre-Season in America: Ryan Muir & Frej Ramberg

SOCCER Pre-Season in America: Ryan Muir & Frej Ramberg

American Sports Scholarships

Two of our men’s soccer clients have landed in America and have hit the ground running. They got to experience their first day at a pre-season training with their new squad. Gardner-Webb University based in Boiling Springs, North Carolina is welcoming 13 new faces to the team with our very own Ryan Muir and  Frej Ramberg looking to make an immediate impact. Find out more about their first day here: 

Good luck boys! Work hard and enjoy those 3 training sessions a day!!! More to follow…#hydrate


Exchange students ‘40% go on to live and work abroad’

Exchange students '40% go on to live and work abroad'

Going overseas to study as a university student seems to have a big impact on making people want to work abroad in later life, suggests research.

An analysis of the Erasmus overseas study programme in Europe indicates 40% of participants go on to live abroad during their working lives.

The research suggests that more than a quarter of students meet a long-term partner on study exchanges.

It estimates that a million babies have been born to these Erasmus couples.

The study of 88,000 people, carried out for the European Commission, suggests that an experience of studying abroad has a far-reaching influence and creates a much more international outlook.

It looked at students in more than 30 countries who have taken part in the Erasmus university exchange programme, launched in the late 1980s. An estimated three million students have taken part in an Erasmus scheme.


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