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5 Ways to Help Deal with Referees

5 Ways to Help Deal with Referees

Referees are, without a doubt, the most essential part of the sports world conducting in an organized manner. Although their importance is not in question, their decisions always will be. As an athlete and a parent, dealing with referees can be super challenging. I used to be, and some argue I still am, quite hot-headed and a passionate footballer (soccer). I have had my run-in’s with referees during my career (sorry to all who had to put up with me) and I know that some of their calls have been questionable at best. So, I am here to help younger athletes, and perhaps some parents, cope with the frustrations of bad calls made by referees.

  • Don’t freak out, breathe. A few deep breaths before reacting is life-changing! Try it.
  • Do not insult the referees or lay your hands on them in any way! Both of these only result in you getting punished immensely. Insults include swearing, so cut it out.

  • Get the hint, and listen! Referees have habits, everyone does, learn them and use them. Understand their tendencies, and how they operate. Stay on their good side and avoid those things they will call against you every time.
  • Block out the referee. Don’t ignore them entirely, but do not let them get in your head. Worry about how you’re playing rather than what the referee is doing.
  • Stay focused and keep playing hard. The referees are simply distractions during the match, another thing there to test you and your ability. Get on with it!

This world is full of complainers. In any sport, when you watch the players constantly on the referee and moaning about every single call, how does that look? Ugly right? Sometimes it’s even embarrassing for the athlete or spectators, don’t let this be you. Use some of the helpful tips listed to better cope with the frustrations of referees.

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