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5 Worst Things A Coach Can See In You

5 Worst Things A Coach Can See In You

American university coaches want athletes who have the right attitude, are coachable, and work their buns off.

Bad habits are hard to break when you are completely unaware of them. Coaches want to help you improve your game and your overall sports attitude, however university and college coaches have no time to waste on these 5 bad habits. This is a time for self-reflection boys and girls, be honest with yourself and if you possess any of these habits, break them! Coaches at the next level will not tolerate any of these:

  1. Selfishness

    Some of you are questioning this trait, you’re right; it’s not ALWAYS a bad thing in small doses, in certain instances. However, here we are talking about the type of selfishness that keeps you disconnected from your teammates. At university in America, every sport is a team sport. Golf, Rowing, Tennis, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field all train together as one unit, they compete against one another during practices, their points accumulate for tournament play, and you support one another at all times.

  2. Laziness

    Just be a hard worker, okay? Give it your best shot when you suit up for training or a game. If you don’t want to be there, leave. Your coach does not have time to waste on you because he has 5 other players lined up who will step in and take your place in a flash.

  3. Punctuality (lack of)

    Are you habitually late to training and/or the competitions? Get your time management under control and organize your time. If you are an athlete and go to school, work, have a family, friends, etc, you need to manage all of those parts of your life.  Again, coaches do not have time to wait around for you.

  4. Disrespect

    When you are being watched by scouts, they are paying attention to your body language, they see how you interact with your teammates and even with your parents. Are you being a difficult player for the official to handle? While your coach is speaking to the team or to you, are you paying attention or looking away? None of these things go unnoticed, promise!

  5. Temper

    When things aren’t going well for you or for your team, it is difficult to keep a cool head especially when the competition matters a lot! Nevertheless, you must stay composed. Scouts and coaches will completely write you off their list if you are showing dissent, throwing pieces of equipment around on the sidelines, arguing a lot, yelling, etc. #KeepCalmAndCarryOn

All of the above habits have everything to do with your attitude and your mindset in regards to your sport. Are you serious about getting scouted to go to university in America, or to go pro somewhere, or to compete in the Olympics? If so, then you should not possess any of the above traits. If you have the right attitude and can honestly say you are nothing like what was mentioned above, then you can also honestly look at yourself or your game and find your weakness and things you can improve on at training, games, and away from them. Let’s be the best version of ourselves and have sport take you somewhere you didn’t think would be possible. Explore sports scholarships in America and find out more about this option. @R1Consultancy


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