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Route 1 About Us

American Sports Scholarship Consultancy

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy is in the business of sourcing and placing talented young student athletes from around the world into the American intercollegiate sports environment.

We provide a sound platform where potential student athletes can utilize our expertise and look to gain a place in America at university to study for their Bachelor’s degree whilst being awarded a coveted sports scholarship.

Your Tailored Service!

The Route 1 service is tailored for each of our student-athletes, to identify and recognise the level of academics, as well as the level of athletic prowess.

With 4,500 universities in the United States there is a huge variety to choose from. Each client of Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy will have different needs and expectations. It is our responsibility to emphasise the importance of education and support our student-athletes through completion of high school in order to prepare them for the university lifestyle.

You owe it to yourself to fully investigate this exciting opportunity. Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy strongly believe we provide the best service in the field with a hands-on service from start to completion. We care about the smallest details and look forward to working with you and your family.

Route 1 has the experience

We have over ten years experience within the sector and have built up a wealth of experience with coaches, governing bodies, and stakeholders who contribute to this unique process.

The company has designed a process with a focus in the development of the individual. We want to make our student-athletes faster, better, and stronger but along with that prepare them academically with advice and support that each client requires and deserves.

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy is an exciting, fresh, new sports brand within the American scholarship sector. It is vital to uphold Route 1’s values of treating all clients and universities as individuals with specific needs. Route 1 want to ensure studying in the USA is a positive, enriching experience.

Sports We Specialise In

  • Women’s Field Hockey
  • Men’s Football (Soccer)
  • Women’s Football (Soccer)
  • Men’s Golf
  • Women’s Golf
  • Women’s Rowing (Crew)
  • Men’s  Swimming
  • Women’s Swimming
  • Men’s Track and Field
  • Women’s Track and Field

Are You Aged Between 15-20?

If you are aged between 15 and 20 and believe you have a talent then Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy would love to talk to you and investigate this option with you.

If you are a college or university coach looking to recruit internationally please contact us, we are focused on meeting your needs.

Route 1 are UK and USA Based

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy originated in the UK and now has a base in Los Angeles, California, however we are a company providing expert guidance to candidates all over the world.

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