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American Sports Scholarships – FAQ’s

American Sports Scholarships FAQ’s

Are you interested in finding out more about Universities in the U.S.A.? Find the answers to your American scholarship questions here. Use our ENQUIRE page to explore this option further.   

What is a scholarship?  A scholarship is a financial package awarded to a student in recognition to sporting or academic talent.

What is a student-athlete? A student-athlete is an individual who competes in an organised sport sponsored by an institution in which he or she is enrolled.

What is the ACT/SAT? The SAT and ACT are both standardized tests for college admissions in the United States. The tests are intended to assess a student’s readiness for college. All four-year colleges and universities in the U.S. accept these. Scores can impact admittance and may qualify the student for academic scholarship.    

What is a full, 100%, scholarship? This is an award that covers the following; the cost of tuition, room, board, books, and sports related clothing and equipment in its entirety. It does not cover the costs of flights, insurance or F1-student visa.

Will I get a full scholarship? No one can tell you that you will be awarded a full scholarship; it is the US coaches who allocate funding and make decisions on awards. Route 1 advise that all families should be prepared to contribute financially towards the student’s education. Do not be fooled by promises or supposed guarantee clauses, a scholarship can be anything for 1% – 100%.

What if I do not get a full scholarship? Do not panic, this is the most common practice we will face. If the coach decides to offer you a partial-scholarship, then this means you and your family are responsible for paying the remainder of the fee’s. For example, sometimes coaches offer to pay for your tuition, room and books, but will say the responsibility for food is yours.

Should I have a budget in mind for how much this will cost?  Yes. You and your family need to thoroughly discuss and establish a budget that is realistic for you to afford across your 4 years in America. The amount left for you and your family to pay is dependent on a number of factors; your ability and sporting talent has a large part to play in your financial award, as well as your grades at high school coupled with the SAT score you achieve.

How much will I have to pay? On average, college/university tuition and fees range from $15,000-$60,000 per year. The goal is to significantly lower the cost for you and your family, while maintaining your overall expectations of which university is right for you. Again, it is the US coaches who allocate funding and make decisions on awards.

What’s the difference between college and university?  In America the answer to this is nothing. They are terms used to describe further education and Americans are comfortable using both terms. Typically Colleges only offer Bachelor Degree’s (undergraduate) and do not offer post-graduate degrees, while Universities have Master’s Programs to offer (post-graduate). 

What school should I elect to attend? If faced with the difficult but nice scenario of choosing between a number of schools, then Route 1 will be there to provide as much advice and support as possible. We will NOT choose the school for you, but we will help as much as we can.

Do I need special travel documents for studying in America? The F-1 visa is the most common visa issued to foreigners studying in a full-time academic program. Students must be accepted by an approved school, document they have sufficient funds to cover 12 months of expenses and demonstrate academic preparedness to succeed in the program.

Can I use my degree gained at an American university back in my home country? Absolutely. The fact that you have travelled abroad, looked after yourself, competed at a high level in sports, and gained a university degree bodes very well with potential employers. Your CV will look fantastic for these reasons. Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy will provide an experience opinion on your degree choice, career path, reasons for studying a certain subject, as well as the fields it can lead to. Your future is important to us.

Can I study any topic during my time at university in America? Yes. Route 1 will provide clients with advice and information around their career path. Example;  to study something like Business is widely available against something like Architecture which may be offered in fewer schools. Route 1 will treat every client as an individual with unique academic and career expectations.

What grades do I need to attend American University? The minimum requirement to attend university in the States is calculated around the grades achieved at high school. Route 1 will calculate grades achieved for all its clients, in addition to providing a full translation of academic performance and how this transfers to the American system. Managing expectations is hugely important at this stage (i.e. attending Harvard University with four C grades and a B is highly unlikely).

Why do colleges and universities offer athletic scholarships? In America, college sports are massive in popularity and draw on huge amounts of interest from the public. With this level of interest it is also a very efficient way of attracting revenue. If a school has a successful athletics department then students from all over the world can be attracted to attend. The high end universities in America that historically have done well in sports can command huge crowds and receive money through lucrative television deals. Sport at university is big business.

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