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Bournemouth Football for Girls

Bournemouth Football for Girls

It’s so inspiring to see one generation of athletes trying to positively influence the path for the next generation of athletes. We should all strive to leave this world a better place than it was when we entered it with using our strengths as best as we can. At AFC Bournemouth, they have created a plan that is gaining more momentum than they first anticipated. When they saw how much impact they could have with so many young girls, they jumped at the opportunity to be the conduit for the ambition these young athletes possessed. Why shouldn’t little girls want to follow  their male-counter parts? They should be given every opportunity the boys are given. They support the local clubs just as much as their classmates, especially if their Dad’s had any influence in the matter. Heck, maybe their mom’s are sports fans, or athletes themselves. It’s healthy for kids to get out and explore the world, as well as their abilities and their passions.

We love what AFC Bournemouth are doing for girls in the sport.

They are opening their “doors” to allow these young lives to dream more than others think is practical.

For too long, in Britain, girls have been laughed or scoffed at for wanting to step on the same pitch as boys, or for even thinking that they can play the game of football. AFC Bournemouth are showing the community that they care about all of its members and are focused on the bigger picture of creating a sense of positivity throughout the local football community. Check out their BBC story.

If you are interested in contacting AFC Bournemouth or attending one of their Weekly Sessions, then visit their website here. They hold 6 sessions per week for girls aged 7-16 years old, and are open to players of all abilities.


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