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As a US coach, what can Route 1 Consultancy offer my Athletic Program?

At Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy we have two different client bases, two groups that we strive to meet their expectations. Our service does not work without either and our values are built around achieving the best service for them; COACHES and ATHLETES.


Many thanks for taking the time to log onto our site, we are excited that you are considering using our service. At Route 1 we understand that a coach’s main priority is to recruit the calibre of athlete that is going to improve their program. We also understand that you will most likely be looking at using a few different services to help aid you in your recruiting. However, at Route 1 we aim to reduce the amount of risk and time spent when recruiting internationally to enable the coach to focus on the individual athlete and their skill set relevant to their sport.

The information that will be presented to the coach will be:

  • Accurate core, and overall GPA (unofficial)
  • Academic timeline
  • Transcripts (stamped and certified)
  • Quality footage of the athlete in their natural competitive environment
  • SAT breakdown and future attempts scheduled
  • Coach and high school references
  • Sporting summary of key and relevant achievements
  • Evaluation of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy is looking to grow a brand based on our mission statement;

To be a best in class organisation in the eyes of our clients, university coaches and stakeholders whilst striving for continual growth, development, and excellence.”

Coach, we look forward to working with you, understanding your programs needs, and helping our clients attend your institution to achieve excellence both on the sporting and academic stage.

Recruiting for International Student-Athletes?

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