Sports Scholarships


Sports Scholarships

Information for Parents 

My child wants to attend University in America

At Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy we take the feelings and worries of the family seriously. Our staff accepts that our process does not take all of these feelings away, however with the level of hands-on detail that we go into, we aim to reduce worry and increase excitement.

We want to help your son/daughter fulfil their potential.

Through nearly 10 years of experience and dealing with multiple sports, Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy and its staff have encountered most situations, from financial, to injury, academic to emotional challenges.

We accept that all parents are different, with varying expectations, but all want the best for their children and at Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy we have that in mind.

Key points and tips:

  • Research, research, research. Develop a familiarisation of the intercollegiate environment and the challenges ahead.
  • Plan as a family, all family members should be involved and aware of the process.
  • Ask questions; no questions will be wrong, engage with Route 1 Consultancy.
  • Be Proactive. Don’t sit back and expect all things to fall into place, be involved in your child’s process. Route 1 will update you regularly with progress.
  • Establish your finances, plan a budget and stick to it. At Route 1, the staff are very transparent and financial expectations will be discussed in a direct and honest manner.
  • Move with speed. Time is the main enemy during this process. All tasks should be executed quickly and accurately, as there is competition for places and should be treated in a competitive manner.

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy care about your experience during the process and your child’s 4 year experience in America.  We want them to help grow our brand and to champion our values. Lots of companies attempt this process and make you promises, come see why our process can deliver and exceed your expectations.

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