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Mental Mistakes Athletes Are Making Right Now

Mental Mistakes Athletes Are Making Right Now

Athletes often only focus on the physical side of the game and get frustrated when they don’t see results after hours and hours of training.

It’s important to remember that we are all human and need to notice our mental state as well, as it can be a BIG part of your game that you’re lacking. Mental mistakes the common young athlete might be making:

  • Underestimate the importance of rest & recovery
  • Thinking that playing video games, watching YouTube videos, or scrolling through social media is adequate resting time
  • Not getting to bed early enough in the days leading up to a big competition
  • Not taking enough responsibility for poor performances
  • Becoming too arrogant after a win, and thinking they are better than they actually are
  • Being too negative after a loss, and thinking they or teammates are worse than they actually are
  • Giving an opponent too much credit
  • Wasting too much energy on “nerves” – instead listen to relaxing music & breathe deeply/slowly
  • Thinking WINNING is everything
  • Focusing on strengths & ignoring weaknesses – “Practice does not make perfect; perfect practice makes perfect”
  • Staying within comfort zones instead of overcoming them & breaking out
  • Not setting realistic, attainable goals – “If you don’t know where you’re going, you could wind up someplace else”

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