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Northwestern University Break Record

Northwestern University Break Record

Northwestern University Break Record

In the most ambitious fundraising campaign ever in the Chicago area, Northwestern University plans to announce Friday that it has set out to raise $3.75 billion for the Evanston-based institution.

If successful, it would be among the 10 largest fundraising efforts by a university in the United States, university officials hope the goal will be reached within five years.

To do that, Northwestern will have to raise about $9 million a week for nearly the rest of this decade. The university already has secured $1.52 billion.

The campaign’s goals are broad and will pay for new buildings, including an athletics and recreation complex along Lake Michigan; student scholarships, including more aid for students from Chicago and abroad; endowed faculty positions; and research and academic programs in areas as diverse as biomedicine and music.

Northwestern’s campaign begins as the economy is improving, and as other elite institutions have recently announced record-breaking fundraising targets. Harvard University launched a $6.5 billion campaign in the fall and Columbia University recently completed a campaign that brought in $6.1 billion.

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