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Ohio State Buckeyes outsell Penn State

Ohio State Buckeyes outsell Penn State

Ohio State University football program have announced that close to 30,000 season tickets have been taken up by students for the 2014 season, this is a reported 13% increase on 2013 numbers outselling rival program Penn State who sold 21,000 to its students.

College numbers for 2013 are pretty startling to non American sports fans who perhaps are not as accustomed to intercollegiate sports. To understand, that attendance for games can rival and eclipse fixtures like “El Classico”, the Milan derby, and anything we have in the UK is hard to comprehend.

American Collegiate sports is big business and a part of all American sports mad families way of life. Its refreshing that the competitors are all about the school badge and not the dollars going into their bank accounts (a salary would breach NCAA rules).

College sports in America is different and not something we can recreate in the United Kingdom but I believe we can certainly adopt some of its characteristics as well as encourage a handful of students who wish to attend a US school to go for it.

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Rank School Attendance Average
1. Michigan 781,144 111,592
2. Ohio St. 734,528 104,933
3. Alabama 710,538 101,505
4. Texas 593,857 98,976
5. Penn St. 676,112 96,587
6. Tennessee 669,087 95,584
7. Georgia 556,476 92,746
8. LSU 639,927 91,418
9. Nebraska 727,466 90,933
10. Florida 524,638 87,440

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