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Olympic Legacy! Sports in Schools unaffected?

Olympic Legacy! Sports in Schools unaffected?

Schools appear to be failing to capitalise on the inspirational legacy of the London Olympics, says a survey.It suggests the Games inspired more than half of children to take up a new sport, but 80% of parents say the amount of PE and games in UK schools has not increased.

The survey of 1,006 parents by the Chance to Shine charity came back with some alarming findings. The government said it was investing £1bn over the next five years, one of the key parts of the London Olympic bid was inspiring the athletes of the future. The Chance to Shine survey found 54% of pupils had been inspired to take up a new sport as a result of the Olympics. However, eight out of 10 parents said their children were playing the same amount of sport or less during school hours following the Games and its results suggested many pupils do less than the recommended two hours of sport a week.

This is a contrast to the American and Australian systems who after the Olympics staged on their soil witnessed sharp increases in already buoyant sports systems at grass roots level.

Lets hope the upcoming Commonwealth Games in our hometown Glasgow can recapture some interest along with the World Cup, which so far has been great, as well as the Ryder Cup in beautiful Gleneagles.

We must look at our kids and what physical activity they take part in, whether its a kick around in the park, family bike ride or a child who has a serious talent or interest in a chosen sport. Lets provide enthusiastic support as parents, teachers, coaches and friends.

Route 1 Consultancy loves sport, its our passion and we champion kids of all standards and provide support to be the best they can both on the court, field and in the classroom.


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