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You have made one of the most exciting life-changing decisions. You have decided to say yes to a place offered by Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy and work towards a coveted award from an American University. It is time to be energized, nervous, but calm.

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy has a process designed to help

Route 1 are the best equipped organisation to help you through this, sometimes daunting, process from start to finish with a professional but caring tailor-made service. We see all of our clients as individuals who will have a unique experience to all other athletes once in America.

The Route 1 service contains the following:

Stage 1

  • Free consultation and interview– phone based, Skype, and/or face-to-face
  • Assessment of client to determine sporting and academic eligibility

Stage 2

  • Academic guidance and advice, including collation of necessary profile information
  • Filming/ footage strategy and compilation determined
  • Full support for the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) —registration, study plan and examination preparation

Stage 3

  • Marketing strategy to American universities established and carried out
  • University admissions process guidance, as well as F1-Student VISA assistance
  • Final preparation

Added Ongoing Service and Support

  • Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy maintains contact with the client and family as a support mechanism throughout their university career (4-5 years).

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