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9 Ways the SAT is Changing in 2016 (March)

9 Ways the SAT is Changing in 2016 (March)

Let’s explore the 9 most important ways the SAT exam is changing after March.

  1. Top score will be 1600, again. In 2005, the SAT’s top score was changed to 2400 but they are now realizing 1600 was a better plan all along.
  2. No More Penalty for Wrong Answers (woohoo!) Previous SAT versions penalized students 1/4 of a point for every wrong answer in the multiple-choice sections. Although this will help students save time during the test, they will still want to make an educated guess. They will have a 25% chance of getting the right answer, but no penalty for guessing wrong. This is BIG!
  3. Fewer Options. Yes, you read the above percentage correctly; 25% chance of getting the answer right, which means there will be 4 possible answers now for multiple- choice questions instead of 5. This will result in the student getting through the test more quickly.
  4. Functional Vocabulary. No longer will you be asked to rhyme off definitions of obscure words we never are going to use again. You will be asked to define real-life words in a contextual way.
  5. More Graphs and Charts. The SAT will ask you how to read and collect data using the above mentioned formats. Again, this is more practical and will be used in real-life situations.
  6. Texts are More Commonly Used. The different texts the SAT will draw from are more common to students (U.S. mainly). For example, students will face reading passages from documents such as the Gettysburg Address, Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms Speech, the Declaration of Independence, and more similar documents.
  7. Citing Textual Evidence. Students will support answers with actual evidence, including questions that require them to cite a specific part of a passage to support their answer choice.
  8. Optional Essay…finally! For most of our student-athletes, the NCAA, NAIA, and universities focus more on the Critical Reading and Mathematics sections only’ not the Writing. But, if you want to take it, then it’s there for you and it will be graded separate from your writing.
  9. More Time in Each Section. Remember those aforementioned time-savers? Well, each section will give students more time to answer the questions (a major complaint), and there will be 16 fewer questions overall from the test.

And, one way the SAT is not changing…

                                                               The test is still really, really hard!

What is the SAT exactly? Do I have to take this exam? Where can I get help?

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