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Golf Scholarships in America

Golf Scholarships in America

Playing Golf at an American University

There is no question that golf for men and women is highly competitive in American universities.

Players see America as the environment where all can be achieved as both an amateur and, for the elite few, as a professional.

Playing at university on a golf scholarship is the ideal platform to really push your game to the next level and achieve your golfing goals while studying for your Bachelor’s degree.  

At Route 1, we will look at your past performance both on the course and in the classroom.

We then guide you with advice that will increase your potential of attracting quality interest from American university golf programs.

We will work with you and your family, plan your golfing year to make sure that your event schedule has a positive impact on your marketing campaign, as well as support you through examination times with tools that truly get results.

Candidate Assessment

Route 1 will look at your golfing handicap and scoring average to get an idea of the level you are playing at.

Your game will be looked at from all angles; your home course, the standard of it, length of it and success achieved there.

We also look at your tournament play and how far afield you have traveled (county or national representation).

If you feel you have the game to be competitive in the intercollegiate golf environment then you owe it to yourself to investigate Route 1 Consultancy.

Talking to us is free.

Come and gauge our process, and level of expertise. Ask us detailed questions around what we can do to help change your golfing and academic life.

At Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy we take both parts seriously and will ensure that you and your family are prepared for this life changing event.

Your call to action is to enquire now, it makes sense.

Looking for a Golf Scholarship in America?

Route 1 are looking forward to hearing from you.

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