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Hockey Scholarships in America

Field Hockey, as it’s known in the states to differentiate the sport from Ice Hockey, is a popular sport amongst women and is represented in 275 universities throughout America. To gain a coveted hockey scholarship the players have to be devoted and work towards a  high level of fitness demanded by the coaches and university athletics departments.

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy is always on the lookout for hockey playing talent. Over the years the sports consultants have gained experience dealing with players from English and Scottish Hockey, Ireland Internationals as well as the very strong hockey talent that can be found in New Zealand (Black sticks) and Australia (Hockeyroos) .

Candidate Assessment

Route 1 are initiating a detailed marketing strategy to work closely with coaches and hockey governing bodies to identify talent ranging from good club players to seasoned youth internationals.

We see hockey as a sport where we can grow and develop a strong student-athlete who can, not only, go out to America on a sports scholarship, but to excel in an environment that meets and exceeds their expectations.

What are you waiting for, contact Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy now and investigate this option. It may end with a phone call or it may change your life forever. We look forward to hearing from you and your family.

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