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Other Sports Scholarships in America

Other Sports Scholarships in America

At Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy the majority of our candidates are going to be competitors in one of the 6 sports listed on this website under Route 1 sports. We however have a great experience and feel confident in dealing with guiding athletes in many sports:

Candidate Assessment

  • Tennis Scholarships in America – all candidates must have an ITF rating and be able to supply tournament history.
  • Rugby Scholarships in America – still seen as a club sport with limited athletic funding, however it’s quickly developing with academic money available along with strong academic credentials.
  • Women’s Lacrosse Scholarships in America – details of club standard required.
  • Ice Hockey Scholarships in America – Predominantly played on the East coast of America, a high standard of Ice hockey player is required and International candidates are usually representing their country.

If you compete in one of the sports above please feel free to contact Route 1 for a free consultation, our honest and professional feedback will leave you in no doubts about your options going forward.

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