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Rowing Scholarship in America

Rowing Scholarships in America

Crew, or rowing, as we know it outside the United States is one of the original varsity sports with Yale challenging Harvard in 1852.

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy has rich experience in this sport placing athletes on rowing scholarships all across America.

Women’s rowing at university in America has provided some of the best oarswomen in the world a chance to compete at intercollegiate level whilst continuing to study for their chosen qualification.

The competitive platform offered by rowing programs at American universities has always been a strong breeding ground for internationals to make the standard to represent their country in major rowing events, and sometimes leading them to become Olympians, European and World Champions.

For athletes who make the roster it gives the opportunity to improve as an athlete as well as experience the commitment required to train and compete in this demanding sport.

Candidate Assessment

At Route 1 we acknowledge and understand the different levels that exist within American university rowing. The sports consultants within the company are adept at assessing a rowing candidate both athletically and academically.

It is important to understand the level and potential of the student athlete and set expectations accordingly.

At Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy when assessing a candidate about a rowing scholarship in America, we look at the following credentials

  1. 2K ERG time
  2. Height & Weight
  3. Power output (if available)
  4. Arm span
  5. Standard of competition to date
  6. Academic standard

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