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Swimming Scholarship in America

Swimming Scholarship in America

Swimming at university in America on Scholarship is a great way of continuing to train and compete at a high level with world class support and coaching, whilst studying to achieve a prized degree.

Swimming at the elite intercollegiate level can equal Olympic standard and the NCAA champions list read like a who’s who of world-class athletes who have competed at the very top of the sport. Michael Phelps (Michigan), Ryan Lochte (Florida), Gemma Spofforth (Florida), Jemma Lowe (Florida) to name just a few.

American university swimming programs offer the best environment for swimmers to improve and produce fast times.

Candidate Assessment

Route 1 Consultancy are eager to speak to you, to find out about you and your strengths as a student athlete because we feel we can help you realise how fantastic this option could be for you.

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy is looking for male and female club swimmers who have the drive and determination to compete and study at University.

As a student athlete you will be asked to:

  • Cope with travel to multiple American locations.
  • Utilise world class facilities both in the pool and out! This includes taking on board feedback and analysis from experienced coaches, leaving no stone unturned, to make you stronger and faster.
  • Handle the attention of an equipped, financially supported athletics department who demand success from you in class and within the team.

Looking for a Swimming Scholarship in America?

Route 1 look forward to hearing from you.

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