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Women’s Football Scholarships in America

Women’s Football Scholarships in America

Women’s football is a massively competitive sport in the United States that Route 1 Consultancy is highly knowledgeable about.

There are estimates that 18 million Americans play, while almost half of those are female!

At high schools across the US, there are more than 337,000 girls who are playing the sport.

Many of these girls will continue to participate in women’s football while at college or university.

With there being about 700 women’s football teams at US colleges and universities, it creates an environment that demands high quality players as the sport’s popularity develops.

The US has been able to supply a rich selection of female soccer players for decades, while this is reflected in the national team’s success during the Olympics and FIFA World Cup.

Women’s football in America is among the most competitive sports for females in the world.

The sport boomed in the 1990’s and was an iconic decade for women’s football in the world, and in particular for the Americans.

1991 saw the first women’s World Cup trophy being won by USA, then in 1996 the sport was a recognised Olympic event where, once again, the USA won.

Since then the USA women’s national football team has been extremely successful, and has grasped the attention of all football fans from around the globe.

All of the accomplishments that come the Americans way is due to preparation and development of the young female footballers throughout their lives.

If you immerse yourself in the US college and university women’s football setting, it won’t take you long to recognise how much energy and focus these athletes get.

Candidate Assessment

If you are a serious female footballer who wants to take your game to the next level while pursuing your university degree, then Route 1 Consultancy can help you develop as an athlete and a student to do so.

We want to assist you in working hard to achieve those goals set out before you by your family, coach, and more importantly yourself.

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy want to hear from you, we want to aid you, shape your future, and take your sport and fitness to another level.

Route 1 Scholarship Consultancy will assess each candidate thoroughly, looking closely at their standard of football played and equally important an expert opinion on their academics achieved.

Studying and playing football in America can offer unique life experiences as well as networking opportunities that can benefit you in the future after you graduate.

It truly will be the time of your life and Route 1 is eager to assist you and your family with this opportunity.

There are different levels of football played at university in America and Route1 firmly believe that our company is best equipped with the knowledge and understanding to find the right environment for you.

Enquire now and start an exciting journey with a company who truly care about maintaining our values, integrity, and growing our brand to be a positive influence in our clients eyes.

Looking for a Women's Football Scholarship in America?

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