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Kirsty Elliott - Student-Athlete - Swimming

“As a senior in high school it is perfectly normal to be nervous about applying to college, but as the eldest of three children and looking to cross the Atlantic to pursue my swimming career I had no idea where to begin. This is where Grant Mackenzie’s help was invaluable. Within a week of sending out my information I had so many emails back from coaches all over the states. It goes without saying that if it had not been for Grant Mackenzie’s input and contacts that my search would have been set in very few states and that my goals may have been completely wrong and in some cases, unrealistic.

Grant Mackenzie was there the whole way to support me and answer any questions I had. It is so easy to look back now and forget some of the struggles spent late at night emailing and speaking to coaches on the phone so I am so glad I had someone there to always steer me in the right direction.”

Long Island University, New York, C.W. Post Campus. NCAA Division II

Kirsty ElliottCW Post

Matthew Graham - Student-Athlete - Track & Cross Country

“Studying in America changed my life. The truth is, I wasn’t the best student in high school and I left at the age of 17.  However, a sports scholarship to America gave me a second chance in life. It gave me the opportunity to mature and grow as a person, both qualities that I believe are just as important as obtaining an education. Indeed, as I write this, I have a US degree from DePaul University,  an MS.c degree from the London School of Economics, a silver European X-Country medal and a job that I love.

What makes Grant Mackenzie and his team at Route 1 different is their ability to see the long term picture in an athlete. Grant Mackenzie guided me during the early stages of my journey to America and he was an honest, passionate and informative aide and friend.

Ultimately, the journey to an America university doesn’t end on graduation day. Studying in the US is an opportunity to lay the foundations of a brilliant career. Grant Mackenzie and his team realize the importance of looking beyond the track, field or court and it is this quality that makes them stand out from the crowd.”

De Paul University, Chicago. NCAA Division I

Matthew Graham DePaul

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