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How To Video Your Golf Swing

How To Video Your Golf Swing

American university golf coaches always need to see video footage of your swing.

Even if you are just wanting to improve your game a bit, then taking a video of your full swing will greatly benefit you. It would be best if you could get a friend to record you, but if you want to do this yourself then prop your camera to your golf bag. There are 2 main positions you can be in for the best angles face-on (directly across from the golfer) and/or down the “line” (make sure to aim the camera down-range).

Face-on is more of a secondary angle you should chose. It is great with being able to see your setup angles, your body position, your grip, and your weight shift. If you only have enough storage space for one shot, one angle, then pick the down the “line” one. The camera should be setup behind the player, while looking out down-range. It is important to not setup the camera on the ground, keep it at mid-chest height and be positioned halfway between the ball and the golfer’s feet. You may need to have the camera setup a few feet back as the whole golf club needs to be in the shot while in full backswing.

Because U.S. university coaches are recruiting you, potentially, for scholarship awards they need to be able to assess your problem areas and your strengths. These angles allow the coaches to see your full swing, and also see what your aiming at and how successful you are. It may take you a few snaps to get the perfect golf swing video, which is why it’s best to have a friend do the recording. Don’t get discouraged, have a look at your golf game and work on being a better version or yourself. Go out there, give it a go, and most importantly have fun with it! Learn more about Golf Scholarships in America

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